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APGmoto Warranty

1. The motorcycles and scooters are guaranteed against any material or manufacturing defect for a period of 24 months or
10 000 KM beginning on the date of delivery of the product to the first user incase that the verhicle has been in stock longer then12 months after productions.

2. the warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of any defective part. This replacement or repair under warranty may only
be done by a APGmoto authorized dealer.

3. the liability of the manufacturer or importer is limited exclusively to the warranty as defined in point 2. The buyer can in no
way claim to compensation for material or physical damage, pleasure-or income loss, transportation, living expenses, towing
or shipping or dissolution of the purchase contract.

4. The warranty is void if:

A) the product is not used, treated or maintained according to the prescribed service intervals, mentioned in the manual of the product concerned.

B) As product maintenance or refit by a APGmoto authorized dealer, or with use of not original parts.

C) fuels, lubricants or Other maintenance products are used, than specified by the manufacturer.

D) the product is rented or used for commercial purposes.

E) a conversion or change is carried out to the product or if it was involved in the accident.

F) the product use is for sporting competitions or for purposes for which it was not designed.

5.Normal wear and damage caused by use of the vehicle, is not material or construction error, these are not covered by the
warranty. These include: the replacement of tires and tubes, bulbs, spark plugs, contact points, fuses, rubber parts, brake and
clutch linings, oil seal, brake discs or drums, belts, filters, chains, gears, wheel spokes, etc.

6. On plastic parts or cockpit parts will only be allowed if there are construction errors or manufacturing defects warranty are
identified for the delivery of the new vehicle to the customer.

7. Corrosion or oxidation on the surface of the chassis, chrome parts, screws, exhaust and all other treated or untreated parts
are not covered by the warranty.

8. In the case of a change of deconstruction, whereby the homologated speed limits of 25 km/h or 45 km/h are exceeded will all
claim to warranty. (only for Scooters)

9. The importer reserves the right to make the final decision for any application.


6 months warranty:
Battery Rims
Under standard Lacquer
Side stand Stickers and emblems saddle
Exhaust (on paint/rust 6 months)

Excluded from warranty:
Spark Plugs Clutch Place
Contact Points Lamps
Fuel filter Fuses
Oil filter Gaskets
Drive Chain Conveyors
Air filter hoses, Rubber
Brake Pads Seals
Brake shoes Rubber pads
Rubber belts on base plate

switches electrical
Guaranteed only if compliance with the warranty provisions

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