APG motorcycles

A Belgium company with a history starting from the 80's. Started by passion for motorcycles, motorcycle racing with offcours reparence and modifications to improve.  

As the bussines and world is changing faster and faster we have also made our journey starting with selling and service from all brands. In the 90's we have turned in to specializing for 2cilinder motorcycles. Winning 2 years on a row the award of best Benelux dealer a multi ply of Belgium Champion in Ducati cup racing, BOTT and first ever 24hours finish on a ducati in a World endurance race.

Years '2000 working with lot's off companies for design technical support and testing as Accossato Nipponia and several other brands

Years '2010 Import sales from special parts, strarting up own motorcycle brand the start off building up complete own motorcycles for road production.

>Now APGmotorcycles is upgrading his market with design and rebuilding all type's and models off motorcycles for private and bussines promotion use.

We have build up the experience thru all this years to offer you a proffesional and personal aproce for rebuilding engine's, chassis, complete restauration, complete redesign your motorcycle, elec bicycle or...

Own leather department service for costumized saddles, seats, helmets, car seats, products, .....

Own painting and powdercoating production with lot's off options for private and bussines promtional use we costumize and design with you on the style you desire.

For all your questions or projects pleasse e-mail us on info@apgmoto.eu

APGmoto Motorcycles