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Scooters 50cc

Verkrijgbaar in 25 km/h or 50 km/h

New edition of Papilio

This scooter is equipped with a lockable glove box with USB connection, folding luggage rack, LED taillight, folding duo-steps for the passenger.


GT Spirit

This sporty scooter has a contemporary modern look and is equipped with quality CST tapes, USB connection, gloves box, sporty wheels with red border. This scooter offers sporty driving pleasure!


Electric Bikes

APG ranger

This beautifully designed electric bicycle is strongly inspired by the timeless years ' 60. Design of the seat and the steering wheel, the perfectly shaped fuel tank to the vintage style LED-headlight, this bike has it all! Absolutely no cost savings in the design process of this masterpiece and we hope to take you back in time with every ride.