Looking for a new ore used speciale and good quality motorcycle!

All our motorcycle's are unique, tested on sverel have unther go a test ride by ourself!

Also all our motorcycles are open to design on your style: color off the bike, saddle, handle bar, grips,.... all motorcycles are EU homologated .



You have a project, restauration, dream or... We build it for you, everything is possible all brands and style's. You bring us your idea and we deliver you the motorcycle. You can bring your motorcycle or we look and provide it for you!

Painting and

Powder coating

Motorcycle Painting service that specialises in painting and restoring vintage, classic and modern motorcycles. Your project wont be complete without a professional paint job so give us a call today.

Services include Pinstriping. Graphics sandblasting



We specialize in making one off, as well as semi custom production motorcycle rebuild or redesign your seat and leather products. In order to get a custom saddle made you would typically need to bring the saddles as well as the bike. All saddles are handcrafted in Wevelgem with high quality products.You can choose the material, color, stiching, stiching color, inner foam,..

Service shop

Service shop Wevelgem looking for a reparation, global service, oil change, new tyres,.... All brands are welcome! We provide you a various off standaard quality products a proffesionale but friendly contact and we only do the job you are asking without making big cost.


We are passionate to give your motorcycle an unmistakable style with our products. That’s why we strive for improvement day after day. From our mirror, headlight or turn signal / taillight series to small accessories such as handlebar weights, handlebar grips or lamp holders – our claim is always to offer you products with the most modern and efficient technology as well as a maximum of quality, functionality and innovative design. On the following pages you will find a selection of our product range. Sit back and let yourself be inspired.